No need of account registration or verification
The process of exchange is simple, quick and easy to follow
You can choose the exchange platform that provides the best exchange rate

How to change BTC to ADA

Step-by-step manual


Select an exchange platform

Choose which exchange platform you would like to use for your BTC to ADA exchange. In the screenshot example above Poloniex provides the best exchange rate, so we click on “Continue with Poloniex”.


Provide your ADA address

Enter your Cardano wallet address and tick the box that you agree with our terms of use.


Send your BTC

CoinMonkey will now show the Bitcoin address where you need to send your BTC to. In case of sending money from a mobile wallet, you can scan the QR-code. Send 0.25 Bitcoin to the shown address.


Wait a little

Once your transaction has the necessary amount of confirmations, the exchange of Bitcoin to Cardano will take place and we will send ADA to your Cardano address.

Please note that the exchange of coins takes place only upon receiving a necessary amount of confirmations. Therefore the final exchange rate will differ from the initially shown rate.