Exchange coins with Changer

Changer Founded in 2014, Changer is an online instant cryptocurrency exchange.

The advantages of using an online instant cryptocurrency exchange over a traditional cryptocurrency exchange is ease-of-use, high speed of exchange and no need of registration.

At the moment Changer works with 15 coins, which is less than most other exchanges. On the plus side, however, the exchange rate provided by Changer in certain cases may be competitive or even the best.

CoinMonkey is integrated with Changer via API. As a result, the exchange of coins through Changer’s platform may be completed at As for the exchange rate, the rate provided would be the same or even better (through our use of volume discounts at Changer) that when using Changer directly by a new user.


Year of foundation

Type of exchange
Online instant exchange

Is fiat accepted?

Account registration
No account registration is necessary

Number of supported coins

Speed of exchange
Normally 10-30 minutes

Fee rate

If you want to make exchanges with Changer and don't want to make account and verification - use CoinMonkey.